Toilet Fun Sexy 


But for several of the first years of our marriage we had some really good sex play, including during her periods.  There were other times when she would be in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and I would hear her peeing.  Several times she would call me to the bathroom door and tell me, “Listen!” and she would empty her bladder while I enjoyed the splattering of her urine into the toilet beneath her.  Other times she would call me to the door and I would hear her poop.  Gawd how hot that was!!  Seeing her “straining” for lack of a better word, having her bowel movement, I would hear her waste “ker-plop-ker-plunk, into the toilet.  Uhhmmm so hot!

Since there are no stories under the subject of Toilet Slaves, I’ll begin.  Not that I am into really gross or mean spirited toilet play, but there are certain aspects of it that I do enjoy.  Hopefully these can be just short little blurbs.  For example, I spent most of my adult life sitting at a drawing table as an electrical designer.  I worked mostly ON-SITE and a few times had the pleasure of having a desk near the Women’s rest room (also near the men’s but that might be another story.

The last thing we did before we split was to have her pee into my mouth.  She had gotten in the habit of peeing before bedtime but making a point of not wiping with toilet paper  She would just bring her deliciously wet and pissy smelling pussy to bed and I would enjoy going down on her.  But one night I suggested, “Why not just skip the bathroom and the toilet, and you can go pee into my mouth.”  So to keep from making a total mess of the bed, I held a nice thick towel, folded several times, up to her crease as she was on her hands and knees.  I scooted my face up into her cunny and waited for her to start going pee pee, and caught every last drop of it in my mouth, but let it drain out into the towel.  I swallowed the last little bit of her stream and learned that THAT I now love to do.

We talked about anal licking after that and the night before we left Michigan we bought a bag of Hershey’s what? Singles?  The little chunks of various Hershey candies, plain, almond, peanuts, crunch … and needless to say, the little Crunch candies were the best to simulate licking her dirty poopy bottom hole.  She would put one between her cheekies for a few minutes to let it melt nicely then I would lick her “dirty, poopy anus”.  We did several variations on that, like inserting candy kisses into her anus and having her push them out after they were sufficiently melted.  After we settled in Kansas City, she let me regularly play with her on the toilet when she went pee and when she went poo.  I loved playing with her anus, having it actually dirty with her POO!  I still hadn’t actually LICKED HER POOPY anus, or actually TASTED anyone’s poop, other than just the tiny touching of it with the end of my tongue going up her bottom hole.

One of my “wildest fantasies” occurred when I was dating my first wife, while we were still in high school.  We were going some place or other with her mom and dad, and had only a beat up old pickup to drive.  Dad drove, mom sat in the middle, and I sat by the door with my girlfriend on my lap.  She was wearing a pad that I could feel on my lap.  I so enjoyed the fantasy of her wonderful smelling and tasting pussy, with her monthly flow soaking into the pad.

Okay, so another few memories to get started here.  My fascination with menstrual play really began with my sister, just her panties and the discarded pads wrapped in toilet paper in the bathroom waste basket, and then my first wife.  She thoroughly enjoyed that extra wetness and I loved the visual effect, and the scent of the menses, or should I say messes.  I really missed that aspect of our sex life after she had our third child then had to have a hysterectomy.  After nearly twenty years she became gravely ill and after 10 days in the hospital in a coma, she passed away early in the new year.


The next lady in my life was my wonderful third wife.  She was such a sweetheart, so loving and kind that we never had an argument the whole 7 years we were together after we met.  She then had a stroke and was paralyzed from head to toe on the left side of her body, and quite incontinent.  She wore diapers that I had to change, both wet and messy.  There were a few times in trying to get her out of the bed, which she could manage to do with a bedside pole and her remaining GOOD side, and get turned around to sit on a porta-pottie to pee or go poo.  She was very awkward at trying to wipe herself, so I was the only one there to wipe her quimmy with toilet paper and sopping up the last of her urine.  And I enjoyed getting to wipe her bottom after she’d gone poo.  Things got out of control with her body, she had a second stroke and toward the very end I wasn’t bothering with the diapers, just had her laying on a  pad and just letting go with her urine or her poop.  I would then clean her up, put down a fresh, new, clean pad or two or three! And wait until the next time!  She had a third “episode” the doctors didn’t want to say was a stroke, but she passed away within the month due to kidney failure.